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Rosemary McGillicuddy mcgillra at infogen.net.nz
Sat Nov 12 22:57:55 CET 2005

Christopher Taylor wrote:
> On 11/12/05, *Andrew Conkling* <andrew.conkling at gmail.com 
> <mailto:andrew.conkling at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Niki's introduction post from earlier today got me thinking.  At this
>     point, it seems completely natural that users would switch from KDE to
>     Xfce; it seems to happen all the time.  However, it took me kind of
>     aback today; maybe I just now stepped back and thought about it.  But
>     why from KDE to Xfce?  Or why does it seem that people can hold KDE
>     and Xfce in similar regard but Xfce users who have used GNOME now hold
>     it in such disdain?
>     I'm speaking in broad strokes, but these are the stereotypes I've seen
>     on the list, IRC, and the forum.  I, for one, prefer GNOME to KDE, but
>     that is partly due to my preference of GTK+, of simplicity, and of
>     consistency with some of my favorite apps.
>     Cheers,
>     Andrew

> Andrew,
> I originally chose KDE because it was the default for Mandriva.  I also 
> came from using Windows and it was easier for me to start with.  KDE 
> looks enough like Windows to feel comfortable for the newbie.  For me, 
> Gnome did not.  I switched to Xfce as an experiment.  I have lurked on a 
> number of lists and IRC rooms and have heard people rave (Hawkwind and 
> Rosemary come to mind). 
Did I rave ;-)?
  I've tried it and liked it.  It is cleaner and
> faster than KDE, but I still feel comfortable.  I have switched back to 
> KDE for the moment because I had a harddrive failure causing me to 
> re-install.  I will be installing Xfce again soon.
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My reasons for using xfce similar to Christophers, and I tend to revert 
to it if I can't work something out in xfce.

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