KDE -> Xfce

Ken Moffat kmoffat at drizzle.com
Sat Nov 12 22:06:56 CET 2005

Andrew Conkling wrote:

>Niki's introduction post from earlier today got me thinking.  At this
>point, it seems completely natural that users would switch from KDE to
>Xfce; it seems to happen all the time.  However, it took me kind of
>aback today; maybe I just now stepped back and thought about it.  But
>why from KDE to Xfce?  Or why does it seem that people can hold KDE
>and Xfce in similar regard but Xfce users who have used GNOME now hold
>it in such disdain?
>I'm speaking in broad strokes, but these are the stereotypes I've seen
>on the list, IRC, and the forum.  I, for one, prefer GNOME to KDE, but
>that is partly due to my preference of GTK+, of simplicity, and of
>consistency with some of my favorite apps.
I share your preference for gnome. My dislike of kde started years ago
due to its bloat and slowness, and although this has been largely
corrected, my prejudice hangs on. Also it seems a bit too much like
windows. I mostly use xfce and gnome depending on my mood.

I have looked at other desktops such as enlightenment (interesting but
confusing to me), flux/black/open box (too sparse), windowmaker,
afterstep, but the only other light desktop I like is Icewm, which is
quick and easily customizable, albeit a bit windowslike.

I use libranet linux, which defaults to icewm and puts several other
desktops in the menu for easy switching.


"Fast, cheap, good: choose two"

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