Introduction + PS1 issue with XFCE Terminal app

Niki Kovacs contact at
Sat Nov 12 17:51:17 CET 2005


I'm an Austrian writer living in Montpezat (South France), and I just decided to
switch from KDE to XFCE. I'm a die-hard Slackware user since 2001.

Since a terminal emulator is the app I use the most, I downloaded, compiled and
installed Terminal from, as well as its dependencies (dbus, vte
and libexo).

The app seems to run fine, but there's one thing that annoys me. The PS1
variable isn't read correctly. I have a colored shell prompt, defined as
follows in a personalized .bashrc:



It seems that Terminal has troubles displaying the colors, and I'd say
especially the NC variable above is giving it a hard time. BTW, colors are the
only thing displayed incorrectly. If I leave them out, my prompt is OK.

Anyone has a suggestion here?


Niki Kovacs

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