Workspace names

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Wed Mar 16 22:22:24 CET 2005

Paul Tansom wrote:

>I'm not sure whether this is a bug or an oversight on my part somewhere
>- I'm leaning towards bug on the basis that an oversight would mean
>multiple places for the same configuration :)
>Anyway, I have named my workspaces in the XFCE settings and middle
>clicking on the desktop uses these names to identify them. When you
>right click on a menu bar and go to the "Send to..." sub menu it simply
>lists them as Workspace 1, Workspace 2, etc..
>For reference I'm using the Debian unstable version which is 4.0.6.
This may be apparent by now, but I thought I'd clarify: 4.0.6 does not 
contain the feature to show the workspace names in the WM menu, but 
4.2.x does.  The 4.2.x upgrade should be fairly painless (assuming we've 
all done our jobs correctly), so there shouldn't be much (if any) risk 
in upgrading, if you're worried about that.  You may lose a couple 
settings here and there, but, by and large, most of them should be migrated.


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