How fast is Xfce's composite manager?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Wed Mar 16 19:00:17 CET 2005

Auke Kok wrote:
>>>> I'm on a p2 300 with 64 mb ram, which hasn't got any 3d card.
>>>> Is it worth installing xfce4 with the graphical installer to test
>>>> it out, or will it just be too slow? Xcompmgr ran at less than
>>>> 1 fps.
>>> Duron 800, 256 ram, riva tnt2 (nvidia drivers), slooooooow :(
>> ????
>> p3-933, same ram, nvidia geforce2 (nvidia drivers), and it's F*CKING 
>> FAST even with composite on and fullscreen transparent applications!!!
>> even on non-hw accelerated cards anything above 500MHz should be 
>> sweet, if not impressive. I'd bet that 300MHz is not super-swift but 
>> it should definately be "comfy".
> I misread that post:
> * on about anything other than a decent NVidia card composite in 
> software is slow, if not horrible. I tried on a dual xeon (2x2.6GHz) 
> with an ati-9500 and it sucked so bad that the only place I run it is on 
> said geforce2 (I don't have any other NVidia based cards).

I can confirm that, I've seen very, very poor drawing performance with 
Dual-Xeon and Ati Rage (Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy Server 200).

> sofar


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