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> Ondrej,
> Try unchecking "Raise on click" in Window Manager Preferences -> Focus. 
> Or maybe you don't want that behavior.
> I don't mean to criticize anyone's preferences, but I don't understand 
> why folks would want a window to raise when clicked in. This is one of 
> the most annoying things with MS Windows IMO. I like being able to 
> scroll, click, enter text, dnd, or whatever into a window without it 
> raising and covering up some other window that I'm trying to read from, 
> drag to, etc.
> Perhaps someone can offer an explanation of the benefit of "raise on click".

Hi Bob,

Actually, we're not talking about "raise on button-1" - I also dislike
that concept - what we're talking about is the behaviour of alt-button-1.

alt-button-1 is presently hard coded in xfce4 to a raise-window
function. What I really want is slightly more intelligence in that
raise-window function so that if the window is already on top then it
is sent to the bottom. In that way you can cycle through a stack of
windows rather nicely.

One reason for wanting this (apart from being used to it in fvwm2) is that
I find it a bit hard to use the middle button on mice especially if it's a
wheel that often rotates as I click it - it's much easier to find and use

Another alternative would be to make those mouse clicks configurable
just like the keyboard events so that we might be able to switch from
the default:

alt-button-1 raise-window
alt-button-2 lower-window

to the other way around:

alt-button-1 lower-window
alt-button-2 raise-window

... xfce4's "lower-window" is more powerful than "raise-window" in the
sense that you can cycle through a stack of windows with that one



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