Ondrej Mihalyi mihalyi at matfyz.cz
Thu Mar 10 09:22:10 CET 2005

Thanx for for advice, the only problem was when I tried this, was that I was too lazy to click on window title instead of clicking anywhere in window, and much more often, the title wasn't available.  However, after reading this thread, I know that I can use Alt+click anywhere to raise window, so the problem is solved :)  The only thing I could advise to XFCE, that the option "raise on click" is unchecked by default, maybe make left doubleclick on anywhere in not raised window do the same as Alt+click, so that user doesn't have to know the Alt key.  I believe that users wondering why a window doesn't raise when clicked on it (mainly if the option was by default) would try doubleclick at the first place.

Wishing nice time today to you all :)


On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 20:49:25 -0800
Bob Snyder <bob.snyder at cox.net> wrote:

> Ondrej,
> Try unchecking "Raise on click" in Window Manager Preferences -> Focus. 
> Or maybe you don't want that behavior.
> I don't mean to criticize anyone's preferences, but I don't understand 
> why folks would want a window to raise when clicked in. This is one of 
> the most annoying things with MS Windows IMO. I like being able to 
> scroll, click, enter text, dnd, or whatever into a window without it 
> raising and covering up some other window that I'm trying to read from, 
> drag to, etc.
> Perhaps someone can offer an explanation of the benefit of "raise on click".
> Sorry if this is a bit off topic.
> Bob S.

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