Some thoughts about XFCE

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Fri Mar 4 23:47:30 CET 2005

David Wiedemann wrote:
> - Icons on the background and additional features: Please keep XFCE 
> small, handy and fast. There is already a speed decrease from version 
> 4.0.6 to 4.2 - especially on startup (PIII system).

You should probably disable the splash screen then. Or if you don't need 
session management, disable the session manager completely.

> -> About Icons on the desktop: Why not work closer with the ROX project 
> and include it for example as goodie? Whith their pinboard, I can work 
> great!

Hm, we need a FAQ entry here: There was already an attempt to merge ROX 
with Xfce, but Thomas wants to create his own Desktop.

If you want to use ROX, you can do, no problem. Nobody forces you to use 
xffm or xfdesktop. Xfce is modular and will stay modular.

> Thanks to all the developpers for their hard and great work!
> David


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