Some thoughts about XFCE

David Wiedemann d_widi at
Sat Mar 5 00:39:33 CET 2005


I love XFCE very much and thats also the reason, I use it (And advise 
everybody else to use it ;-) ). The version 4.2 is just great and its 
installation (with the graphical installer) went great. Some thoughts 
and suggestions:

- XFFM: I don't work with it for now. What I miss is the feature, that I 
can act with it as with MS Explorer: What I choose on the left side is 
what I see on the right side. Before anybody is shouting about why, and 
the concept is different and so on: I just miss a small checkbox 
somewhere, which sticks those two side together (mainmenu - options - 
preferences: An additional entry) - everybody can work as he/she likes :-)

- Icons on the background and additional features: Please keep XFCE 
small, handy and fast. There is already a speed decrease from version 
4.0.6 to 4.2 - especially on startup (PIII system).
I like XFCE especially on very old systems (Pmmx) for some special 
functionalities like firewalls or webservers, where you don't need 
necessarely a fast computer. But with XFCE, you have a graphical 
iknterface, which is just great and still fast.
-> About Icons on the desktop: Why not work closer with the ROX project 
and include it for example as goodie? Whith their pinboard, I can work 

Please, please, be carefull, what you include. It would be sad, if XFCE 
gets same big giant block and slow as gnome or KDE - just five years 
behind their time...

Thanks to all the developpers for their hard and great work!

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