This is why Xfce was dropped from Fedora Core 4

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Mar 3 20:22:22 CET 2005

Jeff Franks wrote:

> Thought you all might interested in this,
> I've just finished reading all the releative postings on 
> <fedora-devel-list at> regarding the removal of Xfce from FC4. 
> Most packages removed because they were not maintained or were poorly 
> maintained. A few were removed for other reasons. I can't believe 
> there reason for the removal of Xfce. Have a look at this posting from 
> Bill Nottingham <notting at redhat com> who is on the 4 (or 5) man 
> techincal commitee that made the decision to drop Xfce:


> - XFCE: duplicate functionality with respect to GNOME, KDE, etc 

On the other hand, nice to see someone standing up for us:

"The xfce packages are actively maintained, they are straightforward to 
mesh with a switchdesk environment, and frankly they are the opposite of 
the bloat which more flashy WM's induce, in many ways."


Ah well.  This is a damned shame, but I don't think jumping in and 
trying to advocate a reversal would be too useful at this time.  The 
best thing to do is (and this is why I've cc:ed xfce at, if you 
care enough about this, don't download or upgrade to FC4 when it comes 
out.  If Xfce users want to send a short note to someone (who?) to 
explain why they've decided to switch from FC to something else, that 
might be helpful too.  Nothing hostile, just something like: "I just 
wanted to let you know that I've decided to switch from FC to another 
distro due to FC4's lack of support/inclusion of Xfce.  If FC decides to 
include Xfce again in the future, I'd consider switching back."

It's unfortunate that we've been dropped from the core of one of the 
major desktop distros, but we'll live...


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