Gnome desktop appears?

Gian Paolo Mureddu thetargos at
Thu Mar 3 08:46:58 CET 2005

Andrew Conkling wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 11:50 -0600, Thetargos wrote:
>>FWIW, you should have launched nautilus with the --no-desktop option
>>to avoid this from happening. As for the current problem, I couldn't
>>say... even if removing all your preferences did not work, I'm like
>>you, lost here.
>This isn't always intuitively possible; most menu entries have nautilus
>executed without the --no-desktop flag, which means that if you run it
>outside of Gnome, you'll end up with it running your background too.  I
>wish they'd change that option, or at least change the default behaviour
>of the .desktop file.
>Golly gee, that just irks me!
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I am a GNOME veteran user... And as far as I like it much, I never 
liiked it when they made Nautilus the do-it-all program in the desktop 
back in version 1.4, I must confess. It always felt as it really bugged 
down the system and made it sluggish even if you had a (for the time) 
powerful machine with "pletiful" RAM (128+ Mb). Nowadays I still like 
GNOME (its layout, and much of its interface and the ideas behind them) 
but I can't stand Nautilus nor Nautilus' default behaviour. They have 
got to change that. For the time being I'm a virtually XFCE convert. At 
least on my laptop I use it exetensively, because in a 128Mb  RAM 
system, running GNOME 2.8 + OOo is next to impossible, and with XFCE 
there's plenty O' RAM... The system will hit SWAT, of course, but at 
least there would be like 55 Mb RAM free at pretty much all times (with 
OOo open!).

I know that some will bash me for saying this, but actually one of the 
things I really like about XFCE is that it feels like a lightweight 
GNOME desktop and even the use of GTK+ is very reassuring... Using it I 
feel back in the 1.4 days, with today's looks and full throttle power! 
xfwm4 simply ROCKS!! (I just hope there was a way of controlling some 
composite options in it from the settings panel).

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