How to specify workspace when starting a program?

Chris Green chris at
Wed Jun 8 00:18:39 CEST 2005

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 07:42:56PM +0200, Kristoffer wrote:
> hmm. i'm not sure i understand. if you open an app and move it to
> another workplace and click the xfce4 quit button and start it up again
> xfce4 will remember where all your open windows and in which workspace
> they should be in. i'm not sure if you start up another firefox window
> if it will go to the desktop you put firefox in though; but i think so.
What I want though is to start with the same layout every time, not to
start with the layout I left the last time I exited.

> in $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/ you can just put a bunch of scripts(*.sh)
> and xfce4 will execute them in the order they are listed with ls, i think
Yes, that's what I'm doing, well actually I just have my startup
commands in $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/default.

> if you want wmctrl to run with the specified options each time you start
> firefox, make a script( and run firefox with that instead of the
> usual 'firefox' or whatever it's called startup script.
This doesn't work.

If you do:-

    /usr/local/firefox/firefox &
    wmctrl -r firefox -t 1

then wmctrl runs and finishes long before firefox has got anywhere
near opening a window so wmctrl doesn't do anything for you.

I have also tried with utilities like xtoolwait, e.g.:-

    xtoolwait /usr/local/firefox/firefox
    wmctrl -r firefox -t 1

still doesn't work.

The wmctrl line works fine if you run it manually well after firefox
has started up but that rather defeats the object of the exercise!

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