How to specify workspace when starting a program?

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>> On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 10:29:28PM +0100, Chris Green wrote:
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>> > > wmctrl doesn't work for this? it's not a sassy question, im  
>> seriously
>> > > wondering :)
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>> > It may well work and I will be trying it soon, it's just that I tried
>> > devilspie first.  Reading about wmctrl it does sound as if it may suit
>> > me better than devilspie.
>> >
>> I have just tried wmctrl, it has one rather major problem/issue
>> that I can't see how to fix at the moment.
>> If you have something like:-
>>     /usr/local/firefox/firefox &
>> in $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/default, how can you then get wmctrl to run
>> *after* firefox has finished starting up?  If you run wmctrl in the
>> default file after starting firefox (or terminal windows) nothing
>> happens because wmctrl runs before the applications have started up.
hmm. i'm not sure i understand. if you open an app and move it to
another workplace and click the xfce4 quit button and start it up again
xfce4 will remember where all your open windows and in which workspace
they should be in. i'm not sure if you start up another firefox window
if it will go to the desktop you put firefox in though; but i think so.

in $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/ you can just put a bunch of scripts(*.sh)
and xfce4 will execute them in the order they are listed with ls, i think

if you want wmctrl to run with the specified options each time you start
firefox, make a script( and run firefox with that instead of the
usual 'firefox' or whatever it's called startup script.

>> It still strikes me that both these solutions are basically bodges to
>> fix something which should really be there to start with.
> Yes. They fix the applications which don't have command line options
> for specifing the workspace they should start on. Much like -geometry
> that you mention before.
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