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Mon Jul 25 23:45:02 CEST 2005

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P.S.  Looking at a couple old emails on xfce-i18n, it looks like
Daichi's emails may be the culprit:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-2022-JP

Some mail he sends (the majority?) is us-ascii, though...


Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Auke Kok wrote:
>>>As of now, I've spent 4 hours trying to figure out what the rpoblem is 
>>>with the xfce-i18n mailinglist, and I'm not a single step further. This 
>>>issue is too complex for me to solve so most likely the mailinglist will 
>>>remain unreachable for the coming week.
>>>If anyone knows the home address of a WILLING mailman/python developer 
>>>that understands something about the following python trace and knows a 
>>>fix, then please have him/her contact me:
> Auke, did you report this as a bug to the Mailman devs?  Seems like that
> would be the best course of action.  Oddly, ISO-2022-JP is indeed a
> valid encoding, so I'm not sure why it's throwing out "invalid
> designation".  Seems to me that the mailman code should be doing error
> checking (with the python equivalent of perl's 'eval' [1]) to handle
> that properly and move on.
> As a temporary measure, can you disable all digest delivery, perhaps by
> forcing all xfce-i18n users to normal delivery?  I'm not sure if that
> would fix the problem, but I would guess (hope) that mailman doesn't try
> to do charset mangling/conversion for normal mail delivery.
> 	-brian
> [1] I don't know a damned thing about python.
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