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roger rstmp at
Mon Jul 25 11:18:52 CEST 2005

Hi Harold,

You're right, we are wishing the same behavior.
The password case, described in your first mail, is a good demonstration of 
the issue (which looks to me pretty serious indeed).

Since I didn't notice any behavioral difference with the 
prevent_focus_stealing flag set, I was wandering whether my setup was OK.
I guess you have answered my question: this flag only works with a few 
programs (still I'm not aware of any of them, though).

Unfortunately, it seems that this issue can't be resolved in a clean way 
today. So let's hope that either applications will get more and more standard 
(NET_WM_USER_TIME) or that someone (not me, I'm afraid) will take the 
challenge on and provides a clean patch.


On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 00:59, Harold Aling wrote:
> I believe that Roger whishes the same behaviour as me. While launching a
> new program, I select an other window. The focus should remain on the
> window I selected, not the one that opens in the background.
> When opening a single window -and wait for it to load-, it should have
> focus. (Automatically give focus to newly created windows)
> I don't want to point my mouse cursor at any window. And I don't want
> other windows 'stealing' focus of my current/manually focussed window.
> (click to focus)
> The 'prevent_focus_stealing' option does not work, or merely at a few
> percent of the programs out there, so we need an other option.
> Gnome has it, KDE has it, so it shouldn't be that hard to accomplish. My
> idea is to timestamp a window at creation and at ' manually focussed'.
> The window with the latest timestamp has and *keeps* focus...
> Harold.
> Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> >roger wrote:
> >>Sorry I made a mistake. My configuration is:
> >>+ Click to focus
> >>+ Automatically give focus to newly created windows
> >>
> >>but not as I wrongly said before
> >>	"Automatically raise windows when they receive focus"
> >
> >Well, if you checked "Automatically give focus to newly created
> >windows", what behavior would you want ?
> >
> >
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