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Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Sun Jul 24 03:40:43 CEST 2005

El sáb, 23-07-2005 a las 11:26 -0700, Adam Advocaat escribió:
> Hey, everyone.  I just finished installing XFCE on my Ubuntu box last
> night and I'm liking it so far, and am already seeing the positive
> effects of it over bloated GNOME.  (I have a very old, low-end
> computer, and the diffence in memory usage is just great.)  I do have
> a few things that I want to figure out though.
> 1. Does XFCE have a display manager like GNOME's GDM and KDE's KDM?
> If so, how would I set it as the default display manager for logging
> in and such? (As I'm sure it would be much faster than GDM if it
> exists.)  If not, are there any plans on making one?  How would this
> affect my GNOME programs? 
> 2. Is there any way that I can add icons to the actual desktop, or am
> I limited to the desktop bar?
> btw, xffm kicks Nautilus' willy butt ten thousand times over.  Awesome
> job with it.  Just one thing that bothers me is that I accidentially
> hid/closed the toolbar that is initially on the left side, (the one
> with such tools such as rename, mount, unmount, etc...)  I haven't
> found a way to get it back yet.  How do I? 

There are several sidebars posible. Look at the horizontal toolbar and
every button that has a down arrow on the bottom right corner has an
associated sidebar. Click on that button with button 3 and the
corresponding sidebar will appear. If the corresponding sidebar is
already shown, then clicking with button 3 will hide the sidebar.


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