News to XFCE - have a few questoins

Adam Advocaat musicman2059 at
Sat Jul 23 20:26:14 CEST 2005

Hey, everyone. I just finished installing XFCE on my Ubuntu box last night 
and I'm liking it so far, and am already seeing the positive effects of it 
over bloated GNOME. (I have a very old, low-end computer, and the diffence 
in memory usage is just great.) I do have a few things that I want to figure 
out though.
 1. Does XFCE have a display manager like GNOME's GDM and KDE's KDM? If so, 
how would I set it as the default display manager for logging in and such? 
(As I'm sure it would be much faster than GDM if it exists.) If not, are 
there any plans on making one? How would this affect my GNOME programs?
2. Is there any way that I can add icons to the actual desktop, or am I 
limited to the desktop bar?
  btw, xffm kicks Nautilus' willy butt ten thousand times over. Awesome job 
with it. Just one thing that bothers me is that I accidentially hid/closed 
the toolbar that is initially on the left side, (the one with such tools 
such as rename, mount, unmount, etc...) I haven't found a way to get it back 
yet. How do I?
Viva la Linux Revolution!
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