Shutdown is too easy

David A. De Graaf dad at
Wed Jul 20 05:33:08 CEST 2005

The 'exit' popup window offers three choices:
  - Quit current session
  - Reboot the computer
  - Turn off the computer

The convenience of single clicking to shut down the computer is vastly
exceeded by the danger.  I would like to delete or disable this
third option.  Such an irreversible action should take more effort.

In preparation for a trip, I was experimenting with running a VNC
connection from a laptop over an SSH tunnel to my main home computer.
(XFCE works great in this configuration!)  However, I accidentally clicked
"Turn off the computer".  Luckily I was sitting at home and could push
the power button to turn it back on, but the thought of doing this while
away from home is too scary to think about.

Is there a way to remove this dangerous option?

	David A. De Graaf    DATIX, Inc.    Hendersonville, NC
	dad at

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