File managers (ROX Deficit)

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Wed Jul 13 10:48:01 CEST 2005

Misu Moldovan wrote:
>>Just checked ROX 2.2, and they really use GtkTreeView now. I still had 
>>in mind that they had their own view, even with gtk2. And the fact that 
>>it doesn't look right is based on the problem that they set their own 
>>foreground color for the tree renderers instead of using the color 
>>specified by the users Gtk theme. Same for the selected item color.
> AFAIK the problem with ROX and Gtk themes has two aspects:
> 1) ROX uses the bg[NORMAL] color where base[NORMAL] should be use; this
> is solvable in the themes' gtkrc file by defining a custom style. So in
> a theme with entries that look like this:

IIRC, this problem affects only the icon view. It's not the only theme 
buglet in the icon view. E.g. selected items in the icon view don't pick 
up the proper selection color for the icon, whereas they do for the text 
below the icon (similar to the problem with selected icons in the list 

But I was talking about the row/item text color. ROX assigns custom 
colors to certain file types by default, which looks kinda odd when 
compared to "normal" Gtk apps (yeah, I know that the coloring can be 
disabled, but as a sane default, it shouldn't be enabled). IMHO if you 
really want this coloring, you should use style properties with a 
fallback on the default color. This way theme designer *can* support 
item coloring _if_ it fits with the rest of the theme.

> 2) The foreground color for the "Shell comand" entry is hardcoded to
> black. This i have no idea if it's solvable in gtkrc.
> Any ideas welcomed, I'm running ROX with a custom dark GTK theme and the
> only issue I have is with the foreground color of the shell command.

What "Shell command"?


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