File managers (ROX Deficit)

Keith Dart kdart at
Tue Jul 12 00:13:32 CEST 2005

On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Dennis J. Tuchler wrote:

> On Monday 11 July 2005 14:43, Auke Kok wrote:
>> In the past and today still, ROX' filer doesn't fit and the ROX
>> developers have acknowledged the differences, and that's how it most
>> likely will be forever. This choice has been made by both the ROX team
>> and the Xfce team.
> ROX is nice and fast but lacks two features I tend to like (and xffm has) --
> 1) it has no file finder and 2) it is too dependent on file name extensions
> to determine whether it will offer the chance to name an application to open
> the file.

For 1) I sometimes use the gnome-search-tool from Gnome (part of the "bits 
of gnome/gtk"). But usually, I just use "find" from the command line.

For 2) Rox is the only file manager I know (on Linux) that uses the file 
system extended attributes. You can attach a custom mime type to a file, 
if you wish, using an extended attribute. It also supports the file 
"magic" method.

The xffm I find to be very slow.


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