Restarting alsasound causes xfce4-panel to disappear and the theme to change

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Mon Jul 4 22:10:21 CEST 2005

On 7/4/05, John Shane <jslists at> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 11:40:28 -0400
> Erik Harrison <erikharrison at> wrote:
> > If you remove the volume applet from the panel, and the panel still
> > closes, try attatching GDB to the panel, and grabbing a backtrace when
> > it closes.
> Okay, I give up.  How do I do that?  ;-)   

Start two terminals. $ is the shell prompt.

$ ps -A
  Get the process ID of the panel
$ gdb
  Starts the GNU Debugger
gdb> attach 12345
  Replace 12345 with the PID of the panel

Okay, now, the panel hangs when I attach gdb, for reasons I don't
understand, which is why you start a second terminal when you start.

In that second term:
$ /etc/init.d/alsasound restart
  Which should restart alsasound for you. Crash goes the panel.
  Because gdb traps the crash, you'll note that the panel actually
doesn't disapper. But in the terminal where the panel is running,
you'll see something like "Recieved signal SIGABRT" or whatever. So,
in the term with GDB:

gdb> bt
  Will give you a backtrace. A backtrace walks the stack and lists
where the crash occured, and what happened to bring the app to that

You may get a lot of info about debugging symbols not being found.
Debugging symbols are extra info in the binary that the debugger uses
to figure out what the human readable function names are. You can
recompile the panel with --enable-debug=full tacked on to configure to
add debugging symbols to the binary.

Hope that's clear enough

Better spell it out pretty
> simply.  I know gdb is a debugging program and it's installed on my
> system, but beyond that I'm way lost. I tried "gdb program" but it didn't
> do anything that you'd be interested in seeing and the man page was
> interesting reading but didn't help too much. It seems that "attaching"
> and "grabbing" involve a little more than I know how to do without a little
> help from my friends. I'll also try googling for a howto and see what I can
> find. John
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