Restarting alsasound causes xfce4-panel to disappear and the theme to change

John Shane jslists at
Mon Jul 4 21:54:14 CEST 2005

On Mon, 4 Jul 2005 11:40:28 -0400
Erik Harrison <erikharrison at> wrote:

> If you remove the volume applet from the panel, and the panel still
> closes, try attatching GDB to the panel, and grabbing a backtrace when
> it closes.

Okay, I give up.  How do I do that?  ;-)   Better spell it out pretty
simply.  I know gdb is a debugging program and it's installed on my
system, but beyond that I'm way lost. I tried "gdb program" but it didn't
do anything that you'd be interested in seeing and the man page was
interesting reading but didn't help too much. It seems that "attaching"
and "grabbing" involve a little more than I know how to do without a little
help from my friends. I'll also try googling for a howto and see what I can
find. John

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