XFCE4: Issues with Gentoo

Sami Samhuri sami at no-eff-eks.com
Thu Apr 7 10:11:36 CEST 2005

* On Wed Apr-06-2005 at 09:22:06 AM -0300, Romeu Fonseca said:
> Hello all, anyone here uses Gentoo? I?m having some problems to emerge
> xfce4 related ebuilds... Well, in fact, I used to modify
> packages.unmask to emerge some masked xfce ebuilds and now, when I try
> an "emerge world", the system wants to downgrade XFCE4 from 4.2 to
> 4.0.6... And more, it says that the xfce4.0.6 ebuild is blocking the
> other stuff... I dunno what I can do to fix it...

You have some 4.0.6 and some 4.2 packages mixed. I saw this on
gentoo-user a little while back. (hint: check gmane archives of
gentoo-user for xfce)

Sami Samhuri
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