XFCE4: Issues with Gentoo

Kristy Christie kristy at isp7.net
Fri Apr 8 10:06:04 CEST 2005

Hi Romeu,

I actually recently updated to Gentoo 2005.0 with XFCE.

Which package did you emerge for XFCE? I used "emerge xfce4" and it emerged
XFCE 4.2.0.. I haven't had any trouble with missing themes or anything.
And, when
I do emerge -p world, it doesn't try to downgrade XFCE.

There seems to be an older version of XFCE available and it gets
installed when you
emerge "xfce4-base". So check your /var/lib/portage/world to see if
that's the package
that was used to install XFCE instead of just "xfce4".


>Hello all, anyone here uses Gentoo? I´m having some problems to emerge
>xfce4 related ebuilds... Well, in fact, I used to modify
>packages.unmask to emerge some masked xfce ebuilds and now, when I try
>an "emerge world", the system wants to downgrade XFCE4 from 4.2 to
>4.0.6... And more, it says that the xfce4.0.6 ebuild is blocking the
>other stuff... I dunno what I can do to fix it...
>Just one more question, is XFCE4.2 working with all themes and
>functionalities?? In mine, it´s missing some icons and some themes
>simply does not work...
>Best regards ppl, Romeu
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