Problem with FC1-Xfce4-RPM-Packages

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Thu May 27 20:02:24 CEST 2004

Am Do, den 27.05.2004 schrieb Chuck Mead um 16:59:
> Paul M. Bucalo said:
> > On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 11:30, Andy Choens wrote:
> >> If you try to install the FC1 XFCE packages on a FC2 box, it will
> >> probably cause you lots of grief.  I never saw any packages for FC1
> >> beyond 4.0.3, which has issues with GTK 2.4.
> >>
> >> If you have FC2 and want to use XFCE (which of course you do) use the
> >> rpms on the 4th FC2 CD.  They work great!  They are XFCE 4.0.5, which I
> >> believe is still the newest stable release.
> >
> > I just followed your recommendation, but it may be worth noting that the
> > files provided are scattered among the last three CD's, not just on the
> > 4th one. And as hard as I have looked, I can't find on any of the CD's
> > the 'xfce4-*' modules. Assuming that I didn't want to compile my own
> > from source, what other builds are safe to use on FC2? RH9 or FC1?
> I do not understand why you would not want to simply use yum to install
> xfce4 out of the base? Yum will pick up all the deps and install them to.
Is my englisch so bed? I get designfailures installing from yum, because
all repositories contain only xfce4packages for fc1 but not for fc2!!!!
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