Window cycling under a mouse

Jack Kern jack_kern at
Wed May 19 19:24:53 CEST 2004

leekk at wrote:

>in xfce 3.x, I can cycle raise all the windows under the
>mouse cursor. In 4.x, I cannot cyclically raise windows
>under the mouse cursor, since after the first one, the 
>window on top is already at the top. I can cyclically 
>lower windows under the mouse cursor, but the next active
>window is not necessarily at the top, can are often partially
>obscured by other windows. I'm wondering if 4.x can perform
>the raise-lower operation on windows.
>This way, the active window is always top most, fully shown,
>and the next press of the function key will send it to the
>back, raising the next active window.

I believe that Alt-Middle_Mouse_click does want you want if I understand 
you correctly.

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