Window snap-to GKrellM?

Andrew Conkling andrewski at
Mon May 17 15:38:55 CEST 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 09:25 -0400, purslow at wrote:
> we mb talking at cross-purposes.  i use 4.0.5 w/o session-management etc;
> i start Gkrellm-1 from a panel launcher when i start a new session;
> it snaps to my L-hand border (respecting my vertical panel);
> it stays on the same desktop (deliberately);
> when i start XFcalendar, it snaps to the RHS of Gkrellm.

OK, I also have no session-management, but I start my GKrellM from a
wrapper script loaded in my ~/Desktop/Autostart folder.  It snaps to my
LH border (which has a margin the width of the GKrellM window, BTW).

> i looked thro'  ~/.gkrellm[2]  & can't find any lines like yours above
> nor do they appear in Gkrellm's settings windows: where do you have them ?

>> 040517 Andrew Conkling wrote:
> >>> Is it possible to have a window snap-to GKrellM?
> >>> My configuration in GKrellM:
> >>>   [Check] Sticky state
> >>>   [Check] Set below other windows of same type
> >>>   [Uncheck] Window type is dock or panel
> >>>   [Check] Do not include on taskbar
> >>>   [Check] Do not include on pager

Those are actually from the settings window: in 2.1.28, they're under
the Properties tab of the General Monitors Section (General on the left
list; Properties tab).  However, in the first few lines of my
~/.gkrellm2/user-config, I have the following:

sticky_state 1
dock_type 0
decorated 0
skip_taskbar 1
skip_pager 1
above 0
below 1

There you have it.  Can you post yours so I can compare and perhaps get
GKrellM to snap?

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