CVS's xfdesktop & gtk-2.4.1

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sat May 8 23:07:03 CEST 2004

ok, sorry i haven't gotten to this, but now that this is come up, i 
wanted to set up a vmware container so i can do a fresh xfce install.  
but of course i'm having vmware issues...

you should have a prefs panel in the settings manager called "Desktop".  
if you don't, then you most likely installed xfdesktop to a prefix 
different than that of xfce-mcs-manager (which you can't do). if that's 
not the case, but you still have the old "Backdrop Settings" or 
"Desktop: backdrop" prefs panel (or whatever it's called in 4.0.x), but 
not the new one, likely you just haven't restarted xfce-mcs-manager 
since compiling and so it's still using the old panel.

if there's no settings panel, there are no config files, as the settings 
panel creates them on first load.

again, sorry for the delay on this; hopefully i'll have a solution for 
you before the day is out.


Bradee-oh! wrote:

> I was going to spend some time this morning "messing around with the 
> settings" of xfdesktop, but where can I do that?  lol
> there is no entry in the settings manager for xfdesktop.  I'm 
> scratching my brain trying to remember if 4.0.5 had an entry for the 
> desktop.
> Alternately, there must be some config files to hack somewhere - I'll 
> go hunting around for them...
> -Brady
> > Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> have you messed around with the settings?  i still haven't had a 
>> chance to do my own testing...  perhaps tomorrow.
>>    -brian
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