Upgrading to 4.0.5

Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Fri May 7 05:42:25 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 20:26, Marv Boyes wrote:
> Hello again, everybody. In the midst of my moderate confusion over 
> v4.0.4 and why running applications seem to disappear from time to time 
> [I know it's bewildering, but believe me-- it's happening! ;) ], I've 
> decided to install v4.0.5.
> They're Charles Edwards's RPMs for Mandrake 9.2 again, if that matters.
> Can I just use RPMDrake to yank out the old components and install the 
> new ones, or do I  also need to change or delete something in my 
> ~/.xfce4 directory?

Here's what I usually do: rpmdrake, view "all packages, by update
availability", expand the upgradable area and check anything
XFce-related, then click install.
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