Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Thu May 6 18:07:54 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 08:17, Bradee-oh! wrote:
> But regardless of how the user chooses to bring up the pinboard, the 
> panel plugin being used for DND sounds way useful.  I don't know about 
> other people, but I have my panel set to the top layer and auto-hiding 
> on the bottom of the screen.  That works great for me because no matter 
> what else I'm doing, the panel is ALWAYS accessible over the top of the 
> rest of my workspace just by moving the mouse pointer there.  Having 
> this plugin means that getting something to your pinboard is also ALWAYS 
> accessible.  No matter which application you're using or how cluttered 
> your workspace is, just drag from the active application down to the 
> pinboard-panel-plugin and it's on your pinboard.
> This idea is starting to sound better and better.
> -Brady Eidson

some very exciting ideas in there, I like both suggestions. 
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