Bradee-oh! bradeeoh at bradeeoh.com
Thu May 6 17:17:20 CEST 2004

That's a great idea and (probably) very easy to implement.  I can see 
using that, but I also can see using an auto-hide panel arrangement. 
Having both available and being the users choice wouldn't be too big a 
deal, IMHO.

But regardless of how the user chooses to bring up the pinboard, the 
panel plugin being used for DND sounds way useful.  I don't know about 
other people, but I have my panel set to the top layer and auto-hiding 
on the bottom of the screen.  That works great for me because no matter 
what else I'm doing, the panel is ALWAYS accessible over the top of the 
rest of my workspace just by moving the mouse pointer there.  Having 
this plugin means that getting something to your pinboard is also ALWAYS 
accessible.  No matter which application you're using or how cluttered 
your workspace is, just drag from the active application down to the 
pinboard-panel-plugin and it's on your pinboard.

This idea is starting to sound better and better.

-Brady Eidson

Ylosar Goer wrote:
> The idea of having a zone where i can visualy organize shortcuts (or 
> not) icons of programs or documents in a way open to chaos, aka 'i pin 
> what i want where i want in that zone', seems very good to me.
> But, i do not like so much the solution of having that zone in a 
> supplemental autohiding panel. I would greatly prefer the plugin way of 
> doing it: what if we had an icon in the existing xfpanel witch make that 
> zone/canvas appear/disappear on click (and on some keypress) ? This 
> plugin should support drag and drop on the canvas and on the panel icon, 
> and perhaps be coupled with xffm bookmarks. The canvas should also be 
> resizable.
> My two cents donation.
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