Ylosar Goer ylosar.goer at free.fr
Thu May 6 10:03:57 CEST 2004

The idea of having a zone where i can visualy organize shortcuts (or not) icons of programs or documents in a way open to chaos, aka 'i pin what i want where i want in that zone', seems very good to me.

But, i do not like so much the solution of having that zone in a supplemental autohiding panel. I would greatly prefer the plugin way of doing it: what if we had an icon in the existing xfpanel witch make that zone/canvas appear/disappear on click (and on some keypress) ? This plugin should support drag and drop on the canvas and on the panel icon, and perhaps be coupled with xffm bookmarks. The canvas should also be resizable.

My two cents donation.

On 05/05/2004 06:50 PM, Andy Choens wrote:
> I decided to take the advice and I'm trying to start a whole new thread, 
> that other one had gotten totally ridiculous.  :-)  As part of that 
> thread, I suggested a different approach.  What if there was a simple 
> application, docked on the left side of the screen that autohides when 
> there's no mouse activity over it.  When there is, it pops out, on top 
> of any other running application, and gives you access to a desktop like 
> interface that covers maybe 1/3 of the screen horizontally and all of 
> the screen vertically.  This would need to be a simple canvas widget 
> that people could place icons on.  For lack of a better name at this 
> moment, I'll call it xfpinboard.
> I think that xfbook is only the beginning of what I was thinking about.  
> I'm going to try to find some time to draw a mock-up.  I think people 
> like being able to arrange their icons spatially.  It may or may not be 
> in the same method that you do.  They might want some application 
> shortcuts at the top and some file folders in the middle....or 
> whatever...the details don't matter.
> Does this sound like something current users of xfce might like?  I 
> certainly don't have the programming skills to actually do it.....I work 
> with learning disable kids for a living.  Computers are just my hobby 
> and interest.  I would certainly like to help, and who knows, I took 
> some java and C in college, I might try to reteach myself some of it.
> I'm polling for reactions.

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