Philip Scott philip.scott10 at
Wed May 5 03:00:57 CEST 2004

Andrew Conkling wrote:

> How is XFCE's CVS?  I know with Evolution (the only other program whose
> development I keep up with/care about at the moment), the CVS is
> currently pretty stable for everyday use.  Since there seem to be so
> many features worth having in XFCE's (and since I'll be installing
> Gentoo here in a day or so), I have thoughts of installing it.
> Even if it's not completely stable, I can handle a few small crashes and
> things, but not anything fatal: I like my life. :)  And I could
> contribute, but you know, in that noncommittal no-code-involved kind of
> way.

I've been running on CVS for a good few weeks now with complete stability.
I'm also running Gentoo, and made some ebuilds for XFCE4's CVS in case
you (or anyone else) are interested:

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