Running apps are vanishing in v4.0.4...

Marv Boyes marvboyes at
Wed May 5 02:33:10 CEST 2004

I've been using Xfce4 (v4.0.4) near-exclusively for a couple of months 
now, and I've absolutely fallen in love with it-- coming from KDE, I 
feel like I've "graduated", in a way.  ;)  Unfortunately, I've run into 
a serious problem in the last couple of weeks and hope that someone can 

Once every day or two, for no apparent reason, every single application 
opened in a particular workspace will suddenly disappear. It's like I 
killed them all at once. There's no warning, there are no error 
messages-- everything in that workspace just vanishes. It has (so far) 
only happened in whichever workspace is active; applications opened in 
other workspaces are unscathed. It appears to be random-- I haven't been 
able to pin the behavior to a particular application or action. 
Sometimes it happens while I'm working; other times I'll leave the room 
and return several minutes later to find everything gone. I haven't been 
able to purposely duplicate the problem.

It happens on both my home and work computers, too-- while both are 
running Mandrake 9.2, the computers themselves basically have only the 
Intel architecture in common. The two are configured, and run, very 
differently. I installed Xfce4 using the same packages on both machines. 
I had thought that perhaps there was some kind of conflict with software 
I had installed at home, but that wouldn't explain why I see the same 
behavior at work.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? Please accept my apologies if it's 
been covered before, and thanks very much in advance.

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