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Claudio J. Peña claudio_j at
Mon May 3 03:47:13 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>> Andrew Conkling wrote:
>>> While you're at it, could you implement some way of removing the
>>> background? from the list, or at the very least, some way of
>>> ascertaining the name of the current background?  I made a list of
>>> pictures, all with similar names, and I'd like to systematically
>>> out those that are less suitable for background usage.
>> another good idea - you're just full of them this weekend, mmm? ^_^  
>> let's see...  i suppose probably the easiest way that doesn't 
>> introduce new UI elements is to preselect the current backdrop when 
>> you click the 'edit list' button.  i like that because it's simple, 
>> but i don't like it because it's non-obvious: for a new user, it may 
>> not be readily apparent that a particular item is selected by 
>> default.  or, conversely, they may look for this particular feature, 
>> and not notice that it's actually there.
>> but, it's simple and elegant, so i'm going to go ahead and implement 
>> it.  if anyone can think of something more clever, feel free to speak
> yah, so after looking this over, it occurs to me that there's no way
> the settings panel to know which backdrop is selected.

	Why not make xfdesktop display the name of the current background
picture in a easy way? For example, when you middle-click in the
backdrop appears a menu, so simply use a line in it for that. You can
even add another option like "load next backdrop". I'm thinking in a
approach similar to the "<title ... />" tags that the desktop menu
already uses. Just my two cents...


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