the CLAW update

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at
Mon Jan 26 21:39:58 CET 2004

Playing the language game is a difficult one,

> 1) People come and go. By accepting any language in
> the base packages,
> we shall not be able to maintain the apps of those
> who leave.
> 2) By using the same language and libs, we ensure
> that all apps share
> the same roots
> 3) I personnaly find Python hard to install and ran
> into nightmares
> trying to upgrade Python and pygtk, among others.
> 4) I usually prefer compiled code.

This is a good point, where Redhat uses python + GTK
is for admin apps that can be added or removed on the
fly. I would never suggest integration of this, or any
other scripting language project, into a desktop
environment. That said, I would have the project,
while I work on it, and once it is useable by humans,
on a sererate page, ready to be used by those who want
a different, icon view, browser or simply want to try
something new.
I am not intendng on storming the GNU/Linux world and
making myself famous; I just want to make something
that people like. If other people like it, then the
teachers will like it too (good thinking, eh?) 

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