the CLAW file browser update

Chris Brault groundhog3000 at
Sat Jan 24 12:38:00 CET 2004

Here's what I did,

I added a command box at the bottom of the widget;
You enter regular bash scripts and stuff happens
(seriously it works, I just can't figure out how to
enbed an xterm using the plug and socket architecture)

File Globbing and Tab completition work (that was
soooooo much fun to do, especially with those
hybernating, non-english speaking people on #pygtk). 

Dragging and dropping in between apps is killing me.
Sending signals in pyGTK is a real headache that noone
will explain to me and the documentation confuses me.
So that may be a bit.

My real debate is whether to have the combo box at the
top keep the address you enter, clear itself or show
the current location. 

Anyways, I have attached some screenshots. oh joy!

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