the CLAW file browser update

Tom Wesley tom.wesley at
Sat Jan 24 12:46:50 CET 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 11:38, Chris Brault wrote:
> Here's what I did,
> I added a command box at the bottom of the widget;
> You enter regular bash scripts and stuff happens
> (seriously it works, I just can't figure out how to
> enbed an xterm using the plug and socket architecture)
> File Globbing and Tab completition work (that was
> soooooo much fun to do, especially with those
> hybernating, non-english speaking people on #pygtk). 
> Dragging and dropping in between apps is killing me.
> Sending signals in pyGTK is a real headache that noone
> will explain to me and the documentation confuses me.
> So that may be a bit.
> My real debate is whether to have the combo box at the
> top keep the address you enter, clear itself or show
> the current location. 
> Anyways, I have attached some screenshots. oh joy!

Does it currently auto-update the display when files get added or
deleted by some other process?  I never use combo boxes that remember
previous locations, I always forget it's there until I've typed it all
again.  If you show the location in the title bar rather than at the
bottom it might free up a little space.  Also, you should clear the
address bar imo, as it's annoying to click in them and have that address
highlighted and therefore replace the x clipboard.

Tom Wesley
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