Accentuated characters in xffm (samba module)

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Jan 19 23:50:46 CET 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 03:59, Alexandre Aractingi wrote:
> Hi, I use French accentuated characters in some filenames. While xffm
> displays them ok when the files are on local drives, it displays them
> weirdly if the files are on an smb share.
> If I issue the command from a shell with smbclient, the result just
> omits the accentuated characters, while xffm puts "hieroglyphs" instead.
> Is this a known issue? Is there a way to configure smbclient or xffm to
> display them correctly?

Yes. If you samba is < 3.0, xffm will put the correct characters if you
specify the correct SMB_CODESET through the xfce-mcs-manager. I think
for french that would be iso8859-1.

If you are using samba >= 3.0, the codeset handling is different and
support for samba >= 3.0 is planned for release 4.2 (I hope).

> (the problem doesn't occur if I mount the smb drive first to see it as a
> local drive - so I guess there is support in the smb stack for
> accentuated chars, right?)

In the kernel, since the smb mount support is there, as well as codeset

> Thanks,

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