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Tue Jan 13 22:53:21 CET 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 17:06, Dennis J. Tuchler wrote:

> > 
> Thanks for your response to my question.  The "trash can" is not shown
> on the file manager as a trash can but as a file folder.  When I
> right-click on the folder I get no option to delete the trash.  When I
> clicked on another trash can and selected the delete all trash, that
> folder remained.

That would be a "wastebasket" (which is just a folder called
..Wastebasket), so you get the same popup as for a directory. The trash
can is a root level branch with trash can icon. They are quite
different. Think of wastebaskets as the tin can beneath everybody's
desk, and the trash can as the huge bin behind the building where all
the refuse gets mixed up. The  "delete all trash" popup is only valid
for the big trash bin. Uncollected wastebaskets are not affected. So if
you delete all trash it will only affect what was collected. This allows
you to collect trash in a selective way. If you delete one wastebasket,
it will not delete other wastebaskets either. 

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