install xfce4 on debian

Flávio fmcg at
Tue Jan 13 23:55:13 CET 2004

I use a Debian instalation.
I tried to update my xfce to xfce4 but failed.

apt-get doesn't install the dependecies... It says that they need to be
installed but they are not going to.
When I try to install the dependencies by hand it says I already have the
latest version...
I've also tryed to used synaptic... but the problem remains... It doesn't

I've run out of ideas... can you help?
is there any link that I should put on sources.list that I don't know of?

One more thing... How do I change de default X Terminal?
I want to use Eterm (I already have it working) but I don't know witch
file to edit...

         Thanking in advance

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