Xfce as only desktop

Claudio J. Peña claudio_j at fullzero.com.ar
Sun Jan 11 08:57:34 CET 2004


	I use Xfce 4.0.3 as my only desktop and I like it very much. I have
installed Firebird, Evolution, Gaim, Gftp, GTM, XMMS, GQview, Gimp,
MPlayer, GtKam, Grip, GVim, Bluefish, OpenOffice, Synaptic,
GnomeToaster, GTKtalog, GTKlp, etc. and some games (ZSNes,
VisualBoyAdvance, GlTron, Powermanga, and many others...). I use GDM for
login and some other Gnome utilities (Fille Roller, Gfloppy). I also use
the Xfce session manager.

	I agree with Mr. Fourdan in that the desktop should be made to increase
user productivity and not to waste system resources with eye-candy
(althought Xfce is as fast as good-looking!). I also like it follows the
Unix philosophy of modularity rather than being a do_it_all application.
And more important: the little mouse logo is really cute! ;)


On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 02:39, Chris Brault wrote:
> I was wondering,
> How many of you use Xfce4 as their only desktop? Or
> perhaps, what kind of work do you do on the Xfce desktop?


Claudio J. Peña
claudio_j at fullzero.com.ar

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