focus problems with 4.0.3

dan radom dan at
Sun Jan 11 09:43:55 CET 2004

After upgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 I started to have some focus
problems.  I'm running xfce4 on multiple DISPLAYs, but I am not using
xinerama.  I guess you could call it a classic dualhead setup, which does
bring its own set of problems to the table, but until this release of
xfce focus hasn't been one of them.  The problem is that when I move the
mouse from one display to another focus doesn't always follow.  It seems
to mostly occur when I'm trying to type into a web form, the address bar,
or search bar within by web browser.  I never had this problem with 4.0.1
or 4.0.2.  Has anyone else experienced any of these focus type problems
with a classic dualhead setup?


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