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Sun Jan 11 08:57:34 CET 2004


	It looks really cool! But I personally think that such functionality
(i.e. reading compressed files) would be even better if it were
integrated in xffm; I use it with AVFS and I can access zip, tar.gz,
tar.bz2, deb and rar files as if they were directories, but currently I
can't create them, and AVFS doesn't support writing yet :(
If your app can cooperate closely with xffm it would be just great (for
example, reading the file applications.xml and using the same apps as
xffm to handle the files).

	Also I think that there's plenty of room for small apps, like a floppy
formatter, utilities for add/remove users/groups, a disk space monitor,
etc. (I have Gnome installed only because of that). Just my two cents...


On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 01:54, Chris Brault wrote:
> I am new to Xfce,
> And I am glad the version 4.2 was my first. It is so
> light and uncomplicated. I also use Mandrake 9.2 with
> KDE 3.2 beta for programming superkaramba, but I use
> Xfce4 for my pyGTK programming projects.
> I don't have the time to do complicated c++ system
> programming, so I decided that this was probably the
> place for me; Someone who uses Xfce4 as his primary
> desktop (I uninstalled kde and gnome).
> I am working an a GTK2 compliant archiver and a linux
> distribution ratings "things" right now. I was hoping
> to see if there was a need for Xfce specific "small"
> apps. Kind of like admin tools, but light weight,
> modular and not complicated, like Redhat's config
> tools. 
> If they let me, I have attached a pic of the archiver
> app. If there's no need, I'll do something else.


Claudio J. Peña
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