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purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 10 22:49:35 CET 2004

040110 Chris Brault wrote:
>> How many of you use Xfce4 as their only desktop?

i have KDE installed & set up my way in case i want to use it
& since i built myself a fast new machine 0309 it runs quickly enough,
but in fact i always use XFCE, which does everything & more simply.

>> what kind of work do you do on the Xfce desktop?

i use KDE & Gnome applications depending on what works best
& more traditional means otherwise, so Konqueror for WWW (daily news),
Krusader + Krename for heavyweight file management (a recent addition),
Gqview for pictures, Vim for editing & Mutt for e-mails (many);
also, Gkrellm & some KDE games (Gnome games are awful);
i'm quite prepared to use CLI via  3  sizes of Xterm i have defined;
iconbox, not the M$-style taskbar (again, why is the latter the default??);
Xscreensaver, which is tempting to watch sometimes when i sb working;
i view desktops as virtual offices, so have  10  available.
actual work -- statistics -- tends to get done on a UoT system
accessed via Kermit + Ssh .  it's all running on Gentoo Linux.

like Gentoo, XFCE really gives me the feeling that it's 'my computer'.

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