Happy new year / XFce in 2004

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 5 04:18:44 CET 2004

040101 Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Happy new year everyone!
> It hasn't been the best year for me

i'm sure we all offer best wishes for you this year.
we've all had the same experience, in my case 1949-50, 1982-97 ...

> and if it weren't for XFce I would have said it plain sucked.
> Now, with the first stable release of XFce4 being well received
> and the xfce-goodies project working out very well indeed,
> things didn't feel quite so bad and I'm actually looking forward to 2004.

certainly here in Toronto, we've got a bright new provincial govt
& a dynamic new mayor & city council at least to give hope for a while.

> Some things I would like to see happening for XFce 4:
>   * gnome/kde/freedesktop menu support + menu editor

a good idea, tho' i probably wdn't use it.
i really like the individual panel menus, part of OF's original XFCE ideas.

>   * Session manager release

i haven't tried it, but others say it works & mb i shd have a go:
it sb really useful, tho' again the XFCE idea is to run only what you need.

>   * Drag and drop of panel items to move/add/remove them

that wb useful for setting up the menus etc.

>   * More people getting involved!
>   We really can use some people with coding skills,
>   ideas and, more important than anything else, time.

i was quite good at coding back in the days of Fortran
& have worked thro' all the egs in K & R's 'C' classic,
but there's so much more, esp Gtk .  what wd really help in this respect
is a doc/page by one of the XFCE developers to help others get started:
a few starting textbooks/sites, suggestions for practice & exercises,
some outline of how XFCE code is structured & achieves its effects.
an investment of time there shd get a big return in new helpers.

>   * Desktop icons.
>   Nah, not that last one ;-) 

agreed!  let's keep XFCE light & elegant, in the best French tradition!

> What would you like to see?

as raised again by someone else,
ability to change default icons in the icon-box.

also no-one else ever mentions it, but i hate double-clicks:
they originated in the early days of mice (Mac 1984),
when the mice had only  1  button; today,
it sb possible to use R-click &/or centre-click instead.
can we be rid of them?  

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