Q:How to enable DPMS at startup ?

Stephane Ascoet cyberespacesaint-thonan at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 9 17:06:10 CET 2004

 >xset dpms 300 600 900

 >in my .config/xfce4/xinitrc after my xrdb stuff for xlock/xautolock at
 >the top.  It seems to work there.

That's a thing I want to know for a long time. The xset command works 
when I launch it in a terminal, but, not automatically. I've put it in :

The DPMS delays are still the default ones.
I'd like to make them active in X, whatever is the window manager. Is it 
possible ? Why it doesn't work (or how can I know why ? Is there a log?)
Otherwise, how can I do it in xfce3 (under LinuxFreeduc based upon 

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