xfce4rc1 wm notes

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Thu Dec 9 22:00:40 CET 2004

On Thu, 2004-12-09 at 21:27 +0100, Guido Draheim wrote:
> > Without a well formed bug report (ie how to reproduce the problem, 
> > tested against current CVS, and best of all, a backtrace) I can't help. 
> > Such comments are totally useless.
> Sure, that would be much better, but that's what happend as a first
> impression of the new desktop environment - the wm did crash and I
> had to kill X. It doesn't make for the warm fuzzy feelings, ye know ;-)

We really need a proper way to reproduce the problem, something that
leads to the crash other wise the chance that is gets fixes are null.

BTW, if you have a core dump, that's enough to get some information most
of the time. also you don't necessarily have to restart X if/when the WM

> > Do you use the compositing extension? 
> > 
> > The XawTV overlay draws directly to screen and that will prolly won't work with compositing.
> > 
> > Again, please enter a bug report if you think you have found a relevant bug.
> I dunno what that is, compositing extensions, what I am reporting (and
> for the other thing as well) is that in kde and gnome it does work
> correctly with the xawtv overlay to get unmapped on desktop change.

Do you see shadows under windows? Does the panel looks transparent? If
you can asnwer "yes" to this then you are running the composoting
> Since  there are no handles on the overlay I can not even move it away,
> and it will stay on top above all other windoes - the tiling (overlapping
> normal windoes) does work okay as long as the window handles are visible.
> So, somehow the xawtv window is simply not quite informed of being unmapped
> and on the other desktops the wm does not know the overlay is still there.
> Argh.

*If* you are running the compositing manager, then it's a totally
different problem and KDE or GNOME don't include a compositing manager

> > The WM won't change the asked geometry. It will change the positonning, not the size. That is on purpose.
> > 
> Again, these things work in kde and gnome, so even that the wm might
> not be involved in negotiating window sizes, somehow the toolkits
> seem to believe that they can do bigger, so perhaps some information
> bits in the desktop environment are missing - but I just can't tell
> you which, it's been a time that I was living deep in these matters.

Nope, the WM doesn't "negotiate" a size with the apps, but it can
eventually enforce it. It's what I am saying, I don't think it's
suitable to enforce a size.

> of the rc1 is not at its best - I wouldn't call it any near to be
> released actually, sorry. /sigh/ Dunno what's your schedule...

Apart the crash (and taht's why I'm asking for more information), I see
nothing important...


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