program Alltray do not work with xfce

Jochen Baier Jochen.Baier at
Fri Dec 10 07:15:08 CET 2004


my program alltray ( do not work under xfce.

it is a program to dock any application into the system tray.

the problem is:

i withdraw the child window (the window from the application), and 
reparent it to a new parent window.
if the parent window receive "WM_TAKE_FOCUS" I give the input focus to 
the child window.

if can write text on the child (with gedit for example) but i can not 
press the toolbar buttons. (it works with the right mouse button...)

so the child window do not get mouse clicks,i do not know the reason, it 
is working with gnome (2.6 and 2.8) and kde (3.3).

i hope somebody can help me, i run out of ideas.

i attached a simplified version from alltray. simply start gedit, get 
the window id with "xwininfo -int", write it into the source and start 
the program.

regards jochen


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