Powersave not working?

Paul Trevethan plist at internode.on.net
Tue Dec 7 04:28:20 CET 2004

On Mon, 06 Dec 2004 19:16:59 -0700
Matt Thompson <thompsma at colorado.edu> wrote:

> Paul Trevethan wrote:

> > I checked my XF86config file, which is now linked to Xorg.conf (of
> > course), and it shows the "DPMS" option under the "Monitor" section.
> > If I recall correctly though, it did include a "dpms" option under
> > "Devices" section as well in my old v9.0 setup? Could that be the
> > problem? Should I just add it and restart X as a trial?  This
> > current setup works just fine in all other window managers I have
> > tried(kde, gnome & windowmaker) but not here in Xfce?
> > 

> Yay for no xscreensaver!  (I use xautolock with xlock -blank on my
> box.)
> Well, since you have option "dpms" in your xorg.conf, first thing I'd
> do it make sure DPMS is enabled.  Things like mplayer turn it off 
> indiscriminately, so it can often be disabled without your knowledge. 
> Check 'xset q' to see if it is running, and an xset +dpms to restart
> it. 
>   If it is...I'm not sure what to do...
> As for making mine occur on startup, I include an:
> xset dpms 300 600 900
> in my .config/xfce4/xinitrc after my xrdb stuff for xlock/xautolock at
> the top.  It seems to work there.  (I think xinitrc isn't read after a
> certain point or something in 4.2 (I don't know, I just adjust things 
> 'til they work).)

Thank you Matt, this was the answer. I have never paid much attention to
the xset commands. There is a nice little job to set myself; a bit of
light reading coming up, me thinks! :)

I can understand why Mplayer (& others) might want it turned off while
in the middle of a movie or something, but you would think they would
have the damn decency to turn back on whatever they turn off!!

Thanks again for the tip.

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